back to article NSW gov backs mobile apps

The NSW government has awarded grants to seven mobile consortiums under the Collaborative Solutions program for Mobile Government. The government will provide around AUD$1 million to help the consortiums develop new mobile solutions for the public sector after a competitive pitch. The solutions will be trialled with NSW Trade & …


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Hmmmm ...

""This program is bringing together technology consortiums to develop innovative mobile solutions that can drive innovation, productivity and transformation in our public sector," Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Stoner said."

So basically, there is an ap for graft in Oz?


alerts for museum thefts?

Wait... what? The Australian Museum has exhibits removed often enough that security staff need mobile alerts when it happens? Maybe they need better alarms instead of an app.

Also, I'm glad to hear it's halved in funding and is only $1m - I was all set to write a rant about the cuts in funding to other departments when they're funding app-writing, but $1m doesn't buy much anyway.

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