back to article TLC flash gets tender loving care from DensBits boffinry

Israeli upstart DensBits says it can make short-life TLC flash run longer than some long-life MLC rivals because of its fancy adaptive controller tech. TLC (three-level cell) flash stores 3-bits per cell instead of the one found in SLC (single-level cell) and the two found in MLC (multi-level cell) chips. Each additional bit …


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Anonymous Coward

Interesting work

Yeah, I'd read somewhere about noise being a big problem with flash memory.

Wonder if anyone has patented the idea of cryogenic Flash storage yet?

Cool chip(s) down to -50C using a liquid phase cooler based on a mixture of alcohols and freon etc and a massive Peltier array or vacuum thermoelectrics.

If it works for large CCD chips then memory ought to be a walk in the park.

Additional hack:- use the new superconductors for processing that work at -40C, once someone gets the useable fraction up to say 70% this should be simplez.


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