Picture Puzzler answers

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Picture Puzzler answers

Please post recollections, groans, digs, complaints such as "I should have picture X marked correct because ..." and whatever else here.

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Well please...

Please don't don't just paste a set of pictures 1:1 from some other site. That's not creative, that's just lazy.

Ideally, you go into a museum of technology, or some other place, and snap your own photographs.

If you cannot do that, you could search such sites for facts. For example you could try to get the unique properties of certain systems, and derive questions from that. There is genuine humour hidden in things like the Dectape (or Linctape). Maybe you also shouldn't restrict yourself to computers, but allow information processing devices in all of their diversity.

If all that fails, try to ask your readers for such things. I'm sure you could recruit some for such a task.


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