back to article Four CEOs better than one as Huawei profits slump

Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei has taken the unusual step of appointing a panel of three CEOs and a plan to rotate them every six months, after its latest financials (PDF) saw profits plummet 53 per cent despite revenue rising 11.7 per cent to around 204 billion yuan (£20bn) last year. The firm said its net profit stood …


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Could it be as simple as international paranoia?




I sense trust issues.


3 CEO's

Triple the price, triple the chance of failure. THere will be no harmony..only infighting and political maneuvering.

<-- Utter, utter


Re: 3 CEO's

Well, possibly.

Your prediction seems reasonably believable from our wesern perspective - but that might be the mistake in our thinking. The word you used - harmony - has such a powerful meaning in China. Chinese culture imbues their entrepreneurs with a sense of competition that is far more visceral than you find here in the West. They treat each other under the maxim that 'business is war'. But, paradoxically, they are also supremely effective at working together in the national interest - because of another outstanding cultural characteristic: nationalism. In the Chinese view there are only 2 types of people in the world: Chinese and foreign.

So let's wait a while and see the results before we judge them. At least it is an innovative approach.

btw El Reg. can you please make it clear whether you are reporting Chinese personal names in the UK format (First name, Last name) or in (reverse) Chinese format.

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