back to article ICANN: Privates leaked in top-level domain land grab blunder

ICANN has revealed that it took down its top-level domain application system yesterday after discovering a potentially serious data leakage vulnerability. As El Reg reported earlier today, ICANN shut down its TLD Application System (TAS) – the web application companies use to apply for new gTLDs – due to unspecified "unusual …


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you missed an opportunity

The it should have read:

.privates .leaked .in .top-level .domain .land .grab .blunder

In fact, you should do this for all ICANN articles, just like using ! for Yahoo!



I'm not impressed with corporations being allowed take ownership of generic terms such as 'drink', 'music' etc... .cocacola and .mafiaa are OK but this is like a reverse domain-squatting on written language itself.

In some cases it could lead to certain brands or companies inferring that they are the only regulator and provider of legitimate services, rather than just another competitor in a market.

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So, it was closed 12 hours early. And they are re-opening on Tuesday and closing on Friday - 3 or 4 days to replace those 12hours.

Perhaps that extra time is to ensure that anyone who has discovered someone else's TLD choice has time to put in a competitive application? If just a few of those generate extra millions each it's a pretty large windfall for ICANN.

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