back to article Microsoft shakes SQL Server 2012's business end at big data

Those not in “Denali Denial” will be interested in SQL Server 2012, which has just been unwrapped and is currently being delivered to manufacturers. In this review (I used Release Candidate 0) I’ll focus on how the new database looks, feels and compares with the existing server. I’ll also take a look at how SQL Server's big data …


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What's new, as a DB?

Anyway, here goes the moaning:

Fix the bugs first.

The fact that I've found that an emacs script to convert csv to insert statements works more reliably than the other data import facilities (which can't even handle csv correctly) is damning. Excel can, why can't it's import wizard?

In 2k8 BOL is unclear about fairly important aspects of the geographical extensions. Cost me quite a bit of time, did that. Very embarrassing when your stuff is pushed live and it breaks (except that it didn't, it was undocumented behaviour to do with geog algorithms being approximate, documented nowhere). Have they documented their stuff, old and new, fully?

Also, if I haven't mentioned this before, fix the bugs. The triple-join-in-a-view which bombed the server... thanks. More time wasted.

On to your review, then.

It seems to discuss a load of stuff built of top of an sql server as a platform, not db functionality per se.

That stuff about dependencies, what's wrong with sp_depends? Or right click on the object explorer and pick 'view dependencies'

And I hope you were joking about the silverlight add-in.

I'm rapidly losing my trust in MS' db products.

(Gripe over. Thank you for listening)

This topic is closed for new posts.