back to article Big Blue goes terabit with opto transducer

With the growth of terabit optical systems, the race has been on to shrink their components, so it’s no surprise that IBM has attracted attention with its demonstration of the ‘Holey Optochip’, a single-chip transceiver with terabit per second transfer speeds. The prototype, demonstrated at the Optical Fiber Communication …


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Well, someone has to say it!

Holey Optochip, Batman!

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"Although IBM itself won't be mass-producing the chips, Schow said they could become commercially available within a year or two. Price points could be in the $100 to $200 range, he speculated."

using generic existing parts not some new real products , they cant be bothered to make any volume and stick a crazy price tag on them to boot, you almost get the impresion they dont want people to actually use these POC devices today and we are only something 8-16 years away from the liable silicon shrink 14nm limit, no wonder end users cant find any new viable IBM kit today for SOHO use, such a shame, and this just makes Intel's commercial copper/fibre thunderbolt/Light Peak packages look almost viable, shame they too cant be bothered to stand behind their Light Peak C2C interconnect and put it on all their new ivy bridge motherboards etc.

OC today's nano photonics in all its forms are the better choice today but if the vendors cant even provide generic micro photonics to all at a good price then we stand no chance of any nano photonics manufacture processes coming to market in the next two years ready to be refined on the job before the copper runs out of steam.

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