back to article Cloud Store: Next wave of services due by April

G-Cloud bigwig Chris Chant has confirmed the second wave of Cloud Store services will go live in April and that public sector customers will finally be able to rate suppliers, helping to shore up the flaky accreditation process. The Cloud Store has come in for a fair share of criticism – as well as applause – after its speedy …


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Chris Chant Programme Director GCloud

Just a little more research would help your accuracy a lot Register.

There is no "flaky accreditation process" the process for accreditation remains unchanged but will enable reuse, a vast improvement in cost and time for suppliers and public sector alike. And to be clear we will not be able to publish ratings until people use the service right, tricky to do that in advance.

There is criticism I think, more by ourselves than anyone else but hey ho. There is, never was any intent to certify (whatever that means) or test before launch. The purpose here, as has been said several times before, is to allow suppliers of all sizes to easily offer services to the public sector (not just Government) I never said "that did not require suppliers to meet government security checks" There would be security checks done by organisations but the outcome of those checks (accreditation) could be reused.

I have made myself available to speak with tech journalists or bloggers whenever they ask, that opportunity is open to the Register too. You may wish to avail yourselves of that opportunity to give your readers a more accurate service. Alternatively info can be found here on the programme blog or here @G_Cloud_UK and @cantwaitogo on Twitter.


Re: Chris Chant Programme Director GCloud

Chris, It is clear that the G-Cloud initiative is a massive step forward and will revolutionise the purchase of services by government departments. The move away from hugely expensive monolithic stacks provided by the same group of dominant suppliers to a distributed set of cost-effective services delivered by smaller companies will benefit the country as a whole. However there is one important issue that needs to be addressed though in the current version of CloudStore - Capita has submitted every variant of a service as a new supplier service and as a result have swamped the lists of suppliers. As an example the Hosting service under IaaS has 44 entries for Capita and only 2 others, which does give a slightly misleading impression of availability.

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