Chalet Girl

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Chalet Girl

Saw this on SKY last night. Quite good, but there was one moment that really cracked me up. This was when many of the cast go heli-skiing. I reckon this bit should be required watching for Yanks, as it would save a few daft questions.

Bill Nighy, playing the rich-as-Croesus bloke that owns a large, Austrian chalet talking to the eponymous lead character who works in it.

BN - Indicating whirlybird: "I suppose you've never been in one of these things before?"

CG: "Not one like that, the one we have at home is much larger."

BN: "Oh that's great. I suppose we're paying for irony now?"

CG: "Oh no, the irony's free. It's the sarcasm you're paying for......... Ironically."


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