back to article Yahoo! bags! CEO! from! PayPal!

As rumoured all over the web this morning, PayPal president Scott Thompson has been snapped up by Yahoo! for the role of chief executive. Yahoo!'s acting CEO Tim Morse has returned to his job as chief financial officer. Thompson had been with eBay subsidiary PayPal since 2005 and served as president from 2008. "Scott brings to …


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I can't see anything but yet another flop, with few ten million dollar severance package.

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] "Scott's primary focus will be on the core business,"

'Scott's primary focus will be on not going out of business.'

] "as CEO and director, he will work closely with the board"

'We'll crush his nuts if he steps out of line.'

] "...as we continue the strategic review process to identify the best approaches for the company and its shareholders"

'...as we desperately thrash about trying to monetize people who check their mail, click on a headline or two, and go to Facebook'

] "As part of this process, Yahoo! is considering a wide range of opportunities for the company's business"

'We got a fax about Alpaca farming this morning.'

] "as well as specific investments or dispositions of assets"

'We're going to sell our shit and buy Alpacas.'

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Good news for Paypal?

Lets see who gets the Paypal spot, maybe I will get another account after all. He was not the most effective customer friendly CEO Iv'e ever known.


Seems like a fairly solid pick. I don't know that you can turn that brand around. It's fine just as it is - it just doesn't really have much potential for growth. I say take it private, be content with OK profits and be done with it. I see that Carol Bartz has also received a job offer... from Manka Bros.


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