back to article Sony to update Tablet S for PS3 controller gaming

Sony has begun pushing out a firmware update for its Tablet S and P fondleslabs which allows the latter to do Skype video calling and lets the S use PlayStation 3 wireless controllers for gaming. According to Sony Japan, the update takes the tablets to "Android 3.2.1 Release 2", as the company puts it. The first version of 3.2.1 …


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Update came OTA last night & all seems to work well.

The controller needs to be connected to the Tablet first via USB, then unplugged to enable the wireless connection. Pretty sure it stays paired after that but you'll need the cable first.

On screen controls can be turned off too (settings button appears in the taskbar), giving a nice uncluttered experience when gaming although the arrival of a widescreen game or three on the PS store will be a welcome addition to really make it stand out, as from what i can see were all in 4:3 at the mo. Any iteration of Gran Turismo please Sony.

You also get a battery indicator icon in the notification area & the controller will charge when plugged in.

As an aside, you also get limited control of the tablet itself, opening apps, a mouse pointer in Opera (limited to the web page only), moving around the home screens etc. Dont seem to be able to browse & play your music/video from the lists though as there seems not to be a way to highlight the track you want to play. Music plays fine from the homescreen widget however allowing you to pause, skip tracks etc.

I guess the whole point of this is for the gaming side of things & at that its perfect. If updates can come to allow full control of the whole device then we're really cooking on gas, will be interesting to see how the update cycle continues. Its a very lovely bit of kit.

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