back to article Northern Ireland's top cops 'hacked by NotW' - new claim

Senior police officers and a Cabinet minister may have been targeted for computer hacking by unscrupulous journalists at News International. This is according to Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). At the time of the alleged hack, he was chief constable of the Police Service of Northern …


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One has to ask

If Obama ("most powerful man in the world", ahem) can be told he's NOT having a Blackberry until it can be made secure, can the CESG or one of the appropriate boffins dealing at the time with the then cabinet minister for NI not insist that his computers are adequately secured and be allowed to enforce this in the same way as is best practice in the private sector?

It really could be life threatening stuff that Hain probably have had on his computer, and I am sure that some people could be feeling a little nervous at the thought that some data was available where it shouldn't be.

Of course there is every chance that such a policy is/was in place, in which case it is worrying that

1) it was hacked, and

2) it took a totally unrelated enquiry, years later, to discover this possibility.

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The NotW were unlikely to be interested in deep political secrets, more 'Police chief in 3 in a bed love-nest romp' stuff. One would hope (or am I being naive?) that cabinet ministers or chief constables would be provided with secure phones and email to be used in the course of their duties. But they still have a private life in which they may use their own mobile phone or Gmail/Hotmail. I would imagine it's the latter stuff that is more in danger of being targeted or hacked.


It's well worth having a read

of ICO investigator Alexander Owens Statement, given to the Leveson Inquiry yesterday


Makes the ICO look like utter chumps and not fit for purpose (although I doubt that'll surprise many).


Senior police officers and a Cabinet minister may have been targeted

Contrast with BT/Phorm, who hacked the communications of Judges, Policemen, Prosecutors, Solicitors, Politicians, Lawyers, Soldiers, Civil Servants, Doctors and ordinary citizens on a NATIONWIDE scale for three years.

But apparently the Police didn't think that was important enough to merit a proper investigation?

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Don't worry ...

it was just one rogue newspaper.



I still don't know how Phorm made it through in your country. Generally politicians does not like when people can spy on them. People on this site often talk about the Jobs reality distortion field . Thats nothing like the reality distortion politics have . Look at the national ID card scheme . 10 downing street said every one in the UK wants them. I could not talk to my friends from the UK about the ID card with out hearing swearing. Look at Herman Cain and Michelle bachman. The idea that those two could even measure up to the bottom .00003% is laughable but the reality distortion came into effect and said those to are among the best and brightest. I suspect politics into play here.

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slightly off topic

but http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/hearing/2011-11-30pm/ is worth 90 mins of your time

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