back to article NFC in a SIM: They might just have done it

It's not the first time the claim has been made, but this time it's backed, and demonstrated, by a reputable manufacturer, so every phone could be getting NFC soon. Inside Secure is an established player in the smart card industry, and promises to demonstrate a SIM with embedded Near Field Communications circuitry at the Cartes …


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That could change the game a little

Suddenly the news about Apple's SIM-free patent is even less relevant. Being able to fit NFC into a SIM relieves the phone makers of some effort and as mentioned gives a little more control to the mobile operators giving them less reason to play Apple's game.

Could be an interesting year ahead in the world of Smartphones.

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"The company admits that its solution will only work from around four centimetres (compared to 10cm for a normal NFC card)" actually sounds like a _good_ thing to me...

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Oh lovely.

Hard to get into a SIM, yes. But what about getting it OUT of the SIM? At least if it's in the phone then a little creative tinkering with some wire cutters or slicing tracks with a razor blade will do the job.

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Pushed into my phone or not...

Still won't use it.

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