back to article Instapaper 4.0

Instapaper has been around on Macs, PCs and various mobile platforms for a few years now and I’d started to take it for granted, only using it to save the occasional long or important article that I knew I’d want to come back to at a later date. However, the iOS app has just had a big update to version 4 that has reworked the …


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Paris Hilton

Tried it, don't understand it

What is this 'offline' of which you speak?


What I really want to know after reading this review...

...is why Elisabeth Sladen vomited on Edwina Currie!

Anonymous Coward

Because it's Edwina Currie!

Silver badge

love it

Been using Instapaper on the iPhone for ages, and the iPad version is just brilliant.

Easily my most used app on my iOS devices and while i'm at work :-)


Look at Read It Later instead

When I did a serious comparison of InstaPaper versus Read It Later a few months back, RIL won hands down. There are RIL clients for iOS and Android, integrations with IE, Firefox, Chrome and probably Safari. All with offline access and synchronization between all your input sources.

You get integration with the built-in Safari web browser, with a "Tap to Save" mode that makes it very easy to quickly browse your favourite sites for new offline content before heading into areas of no reception like the London Tube. Reading articles offline saves your battery, as your device can leave its radio idling.

There is also an awesome feature called Digest that will automatically put your reading list into categories, or you can manually tag the articles you save. It gives you a specialized newspaper, filled with articles you've picked earlier.

This topic is closed for new posts.