back to article UK wants our geeky army

Australian ICT and digital media companies seeking to expand to the UK are being targeted via a new drive from UK Trade & Investment. The body has launched Go UK a business plan competition open to Australian and New Zealand businesses with an interest in crossing the pond. UKTI says it assisted around 40 Australian companies to …


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Bizzare implication.

In a bizzare twist the I.T. industry tried to mobilise the army of tech savvy web designers who live in the U.K. who sit around playing XBOX all day and making websites while unemployed but who still think degrees are for shites. Oh no they didn't they went to Australia.

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If the UK has to call on the Australian's then the UK really must be in dire straits.

Will they also bring their wonderfull AntiSmut/Porn laws too.....

Aren't there already too many Aussies living in London and scamming the tax system through the creation of "One man companies- that fail after one year just before they have to pay taxes".

Satirical twist really - The real "Pommies" will be returning to the mother land, lol.

[Pommie is a derivitave of POHM ( Prisoner of Her Majesty). The Australians like to call the Brits "pommies" due to the Australians very special brand of sarcasm - yes it is actually the other way round..]

This topic is closed for new posts.