back to article Microsoft reports record revenue, lackluster Windows sales

Microsoft has released its numbers for its most recent quarter, which show revenue growth of seven per cent over the same period last year. Its strongest growth on the back of sales of its Office suite. Overall revenues rose to $17.37 billion for the year, with Redmond's business division showing overall growth of eight per cent …


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"...although it’s not clear if Microsoft makes any profit on its Xbox hardware."

Who are you kidding? If they did, they'd be shouting it from the rooftops.

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So to summarise

No profit figures are given and the non-profitable xbox is shifting well. I wonder what that means.

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"Microsoft reports record revenue, lackluster Windows sales"

Wonder why they've got lackluster Windows sales? Could it be that it's crap and that the public have twigged on to this?

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Try: Because new PC sales are still lackluster and for the vast majority of users an OS upgrade is completely unnecessary and normally happens only when they buy a new PC.

Not to mention that the price of a Windows OS is stupidly expensive for the relative benefits gained over the old one. Personally, if I could get Windows 7 for a (still overpriced) $50, I'd be budgetting for eight copies. At $100-120 I'll stick with XP.

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ANDROID funds ms

'Nuff Said.

MS is the OTHER half of the Evil Axis that is apple and microsoft.

apple sues ms promises "immunity" sign up with us and promote our ( inferior ) platform.

Talk about perverted justice. When ms attorneys can figure a way to get the COMPETITION to fund ms. Then again, the co-founder has familial ties to one of Washington States TOP legal firms. But you know what... Every proverbial dog has his day..... ms broke their promise to never do so, and changed the api so IBM's VASTLY superior os ( OS/2 Warp xx) would constantly have to play catch up.. Ok, THAT's business. But the SHEEP could'nt see what was really happening. OS/2 could do things Windows STILL can't do. Try formatting a hard drive, loading a different version of Windows to run that "special program that runs best under an older copy of ms-dos," and have little or NO system performance degradation. But anyway, back to Android. ms making money on EACH handset HTC, Samsung, et al makes. even 5$ ea. = million, and millions of $$ cost free to ms ( except for the cost of attorney's going to knock on ANDROID MFR'S doors!! )

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