back to article Samsung bakes lower-voltage server memory

Those hyperscale data centers that are trying to cram 10 pounds of servers into a 5-pound rack have gotten a little more help from Korean memory maker Samsung Electronics. The leading edge, low-voltage DDR3 main memory runs at 1.35 volts and burns a bit less juice than normal 1.5 volt memory modules. And now, Samsung is pushing …


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Memory Arms Race?

Looks like the race to low power between DRAM and SSD/Flash is getting exciting. Assuming that the early adopter premium goes away quickly, the cost per VM in a dual 16 or 12-core systems is going to drop a lot, and the ability to crank to 196GB of DRAM per U means 4x the VMs of a typical system today.

Flash for VM images makes sense, but we will have achieved storage IO starvation for operating traffic. I've been saying for some years that we will run into an IO wall. 2012 is when it happens!

Flash cache and other tricks are not enough to speed things up. We'll need some new transfer constructs and storage paradigms to move on.


Apple - No Chips 4 U

Most probably Samsung will address the evil empire in an appropriate an measured way.

And technology just keeps getting better!



"1.33Mb/sec of bandwidth" - my broadband is faster than that! I'll take the high power option

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