back to article VMware sneak-peeks future 'disruptive' cloudy tech

In a tech tease at the VMworld extravaganza in Las Vegas, VMware CTO Steve Herrod gave a sneak peek at two projects aimed at giving end users "universal cloud access". The first one is an enterprise-grade, centrally controlled file sharing dropbox called Project Octopus. IT departments want to control who has access to what data …


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Next step: auto-rearanging forms

Now if they only start parsing a form of an already existing legacy Windows application and present it in a re-arranged version on a mobile device. If I was Microsoft, this would be an area I'd put a lot of research into.

People don't buy Windows licenses because of the features. They buy them to run old legacy software.

Anonymous Coward

Cloud Vendor Thinks Cloud is Only Answer

Well, well... I'd never have guessed.

Today's desperate justification? It will free up disk space that could be used for storing something else.

Excuse me while I piss myself laughing.

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Keeping files forever

Even if I don't believe a file is special, figuring out a reasonable expiration date is generally going to be a lot harder than erring on the side of caution. Also, compare and contrast...

Lost a file? Poor you. Do we have a backup? Oh good.

Went out of your way to ensure that the file was deliberately lost? You idiot. No, it's not worth looking in the backups because they "honour" the expiration date you chose. You idiot. By the way, did I say you were an idiot, you idiot?

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Nothing new

The GEORGE 3 OS on ICL 1900, vintage 1970-80, had a system for moving inactive files to a tape backup. Restoration was automatic when a user tried to access a file, subject to the operator putting down his sandwich and/or cigarette and going to find the tape and put it onto a drive.

I was once moved to compose the following and send it to the operators' console:

A programmer waiting in vain

For his files to come online again

Was tearing his hair

In a mood of despair

And cursing in manor profane.

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