back to article Denmark gets its own NFC consortium

The four Danish network operators have banded together to create a standard NFC platform, and admitted that it is the threat from Google that has driven them to do so. The four networks – TDC, Telenor, TeliaSonera and Three – have banded together to create a standard, SIM-hosted, platform for NFC applications, much like the …


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Oh no!

Oh no! Yet another local system that works in Denmark only :-(

Bad for tourists and danes abroad who visit the old motherland.

I hope this fails!

(Other Fails: half the of the credit card terminals in Denmark only accept the Danish dankort, no thanks to foreign cards!; their new Oyster card like system (which is a big failure) doesn't allow tourists to use it - we pay full price!)


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It will be interesting to see how all this works out.

I'd trust Google over my mobile phone company any day. I like my network as just a bit pipe, thank you very much.

Anonymous Coward

Trust Google?

And while the system might have it's flaws, I'm quite sure I'd trust any of the companies involved a hell of a lot more than Google.

But then again, I'd trust just about anyone else with my information about what I buy, when I bought it, and where I bought it before I trust Google with it.

Might be cause I'm pretty sure Google has ideas about what to do with the data - for their own ends - while I'm more sure the other companies are more intellectually challenged when it comes to that department.

Having it as a national thing, also makes the companies more liable to be busted if anything goes haywire. At least that's what I tell myself

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