back to article Rupert and Wendi go shopping in China

The Murdochs are taking another stab at the Chinese media market, confirming a US$29.4 million stake in Chinese P2P video site Xunlei, which has filed for a US$200 million Nasdaq IPO. Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi made the investment via one of their private investment, vehicles RW Investments (yes, it stands for Rupert and …


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How many lawsuits???

"Any previous litigation?"

"Yes, 244 cases - all lost"

"Any ongoing legal concerns?"

"only 33"

Nice, safe purchase then...<rolls eyes>. This has gotta have a massive meduim/long-term payoff for the investors, if they're willing to invested knowing that a significant chunk of their cash is being "thrown away" on paying out lawsuits rather than being used for business growth.

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