back to article Pain free Windows 7 roll outs? We show you how

At 11:00 BST today we have a studio full of experts discussing how to do a successful Windows 7 roll out. Tim Phillips is running the show with a little help from our friend Dale Vile from analysts Freeform Dynamics. Joining this pair is Will Westwick, head of workplace at BskyB, who recently kicked off a Win 7 migration of some …


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I love you guys

However I've been doing Windows 7/Server 2008R2 upgrades and network overhauls for over a year now. Easier than going from NT4 to an Win2k active directory environment, but does have a few gotchas and fussy apps (see? I said apps for applications aren't I cool?) to deal with just like anything else.

Win7pro makes me smile compared to any other Windows version - even XP wasn't this stable.


Windows 7 made me cry

I thought Microsoft Windows Update hell was a thing of the past, don't believe the marketing hype.

Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1 taken down but a Microsoft Windows Update that now reports "Error 1935 An error occurred during the installation of assembly" when trying to install anything from KB patches to Adobe Acrobat.

All the help and fixes on the internet are useless, the only real fix is ... reinstall or (maybe, if you're lucky) repair Windows.

Isn't this the 21st century? When will patches stop destroying my Windows installs? (Where installs consist of Windows and Office and Adobe Reader and nothing else.) And why do I need to reinstall the OS to fix the problem? WTF?

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But why use Vista on the server? ;-)

The one thing I don't quite get is why you'd want to use the 2008 server edition considering that its basically Vista lying underneath which has the several server components on top. I've been using Vista for quite some time (came pre-installed on one of my machines) and eventually moved to Windows 7; never looked back again either.

I'm well aware that even Vista can have its uses (its also used to boot the Win7 restoration section) but still...

As to the El Reg presentation; its a bit boring right now. I dropped in somewhat in the middle I guess and instead of seeing good technical stuff I only see a couple of guys talking about how great and different Win7 is without anything technical. Either I all missed it or this is more like a Win7 promotion instead of a nice technical howto.

Oh; "We're going into deployment later on in the session".. Seems I didn't miss it but man this is WAY boring stuff right now. If they don't get to some point within 10 minutes or so then I'm dropping off. I don't need people to tell me how great Win7 is, I want them to SHOW me.

Also... Doh, now someone tells us that MS is dropping support for Windows XP in 2013 ? MS themselves tells you a completely different story, namely 2014:

Sorry but I don't think I'll be attending this session any further with mistakes like these are being made.

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