back to article US acts on telco 'Ponzi scheme'

The Securities and Exchange Commission has frozen the assets of China Voice Holding Corp on suspicion that it is no more than a Ponzi scheme. The SEC alleges that China Voice, which said it has a "portfolio" of telecoms products and services in the US and China, is using new investments to pay off previous investors. …


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The SEC is actually doing something?

Considering that they knew for years about Bernie Maddow but couldn't be arsed to wake up, someone musn't have the right connections.


Probably more the other way...

Considering the right shoeing (well deserved) that the SEC got for NOT doing their job against Bernie, i would be willing to bet that they will be jumping up and down on any and every Ponzi scheme they so much as catch a whiff off to show that they have "learnt from their mistakes"...

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