back to article Open source Hadoop engineers may spin off from Yahoo!

Yahoo! may spin off its Hadoop engineering division, creating a startup offering support and services around the open-source distributed number-crunching platform, according to a report citing people familiar with the matter. The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo! is "weighing" a Hadoop spin-off and that Silicon Valley …


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Y! over cloudera

I'd pay for Y! support over cloudera. Cloudera charge 5K/server/year, in a big cluster its cheaper to hire some ex-yahoo employees (ebay did this).

Y! have dealt with the problems of large clusters, while Cloudera have focused on small deployments, and don't have the ability to test at scale, let alone focus on those problems.

together, both areas need work on, but Y! are more like RedHat -the big contributors of code- while Cloudera are like Suse

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Not exactly...

First Cloudera is like RedHat because they were the first to vision how to monetize Hadoop support.

Cloudera is currently the only ones offering controlled releases along with technical support and consulting (professional services).

There's another company that has their own hadoop release, but they don't appear to have the depth of staff or consulting. (including training)

Yahoo! would be a good addition to Cloudera and both will continue to thrive in the marketplace.

Yahoo! has a leg up in that they have already dealt with security and are looking at MR2. Plus they have deeper pockets than Cloudera. (At least until Cloudera does an IPO)

So while I agree with you, I don't share your opinion and logic.


Forget the elephant

Could we please have an article about Hadoop without reference to the fscking stuffed elephant?? It was mildly interesting the first 20 times, but I'm finding it strangely grating now.


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