back to article Opera opens phone-agnostic mobile app store

Opera has opened an app store that works across disparate mobile platforms. The store can be accessed from virtually any mobile browser on any major phone platform, but it's built straight into the company's Opera Mobile and Opera Mini browsers, currently used by over 100 million phone owners across the globe. The store serves …


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Yip I've used it

Seems alright, easy on the eye and great if you have a magic moment fart over marketplace.

Not sure if they vet there apps as well as google does, you know prescanning for expliots and other nasty's before there made available to the public, you know that kind of obvious thing to do. You can never tell.

If I buy a sandwich from a vendor and it has a virus and I get sick i can easily get compensation compared to buying a application from a broker. Does beg that some level of auditing and vetting for there commision would only make sence and with that done right I'm sure they could get idemnity insurace to deal with any mishaps. But thats like trying to combine health with finance, oh well.

But I must say i do like this on my android tablet and would go as far as saying that I prefer it - though please note I'm still yet to venture into the paid application arena.

Very easy to pick your device unlike some fun on android marketplace.

I must say I'm supprised it's now official as seemed a robust and mature site on many levels. though the tendancy to drag out beta's on generaly freeish stuff is known - how that translates retrospectivly to people who carried out transactions I darn't think about. Sorry Mr Smith about taking you £3m overdrawn there site is still in beta after all would if nothing else get free advertising - though unlikely the aspect of doing financial transactions on sites that are technicaly beta if but in name only does open alot of questions.

Still have to say I like it - even on my $100 tablet it works very well. Also the easily ability to pick your device/phone/torture allows you to download and transfer to your device later on your computer if you so wish.

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Good start

You can see the Eu ruling that the app store is an anti-competitive monopoly and Opera are just the people to push this.


What on earth is ...

a CITIZEN 'phone? All mobiles are used by people (well, may be a few used via some machine) and most people are citizens, willingly or not. But telephones? Come on editors. Do some editing and reduce the abuse and meaninglessness seemingly inherent in "journalese".

As for the topic: and?

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Citizen phone

Well presumably it would be one made by that company that makes printers (made? are they still around?).



From Wikipedia...

"Restraint of trade is a common law doctrine relating to the enforceability of contractual restrictions on freedom to conduct business. In an old leading case of Mitchell v Reynolds (1711) Lord Smith LC said,

"it is the privilege of a trader in a free country, in all matters not contrary to law, to regulate his own mode of carrying it on according to his own discretion and choice. If the law has regulated or restrained his mode of doing this, the law must be obeyed. But no power short of the general law ought to restrain his free discretion."

Contractual obligations not to trade are illegal agreements on public policy grounds unless they are reasonable in the interests of both contracting parties and of the public at large. Restraint of trade mainly affects post-termination restrictive covenants in employment contracts, and restrictions on competition in contracts for the sale of businesses."

It's about time someone launched a 'super-complaint' regarding restraint of trade in the technology sector, and sorted all this out properly.

Assorted Apple activites, iPhone, Google Checkout on eBay and all the other ones.



Had to laugh...

...the one "app" I tried turned out to just open a mobile website, in my phones rubbish default browser, not opera mini.

Fail for the app, not the app store.


Any DRM?

Would like to know more about security of the 'paid' apps.

Also, most delicious that Opera says it will "integrate to the Apple mobile app store in the near future". Not to mention bashing their way into iAd. How many other firms will their corsair be boarding this year?

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