back to article Red ink sinks green data centre

An unexpected withdrawal of offshore investment in Melbourne’s multi-million dollar "green" data centre facility ADX1, has plunged the project into administration. Insolvency specialists Sellers Muldoon Benton have been appointed administrators on to the start-up data centre, which ceased operations in February. The company, …


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Playing with fire

I'd like to see more investors getting burnt by startups (and even past startups) in cases where the idea is doomed to fail and is obviously never going to make any money - Twitter is another blatant example.

We're in bubble 2.0 and it's getting really frustrating waiting for it to burst :)

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Reasons unclear?

Only if your eyes are closed to reality.

It failed because it's not cost effective. If it were, IBM would have been doing it over 30 years ago. Business is business. It's all about the bottom-line & keeping the investors happy.


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