back to article Audyssey South of Market audio dock

Audyssey isn’t exactly a household name here in the UK, but its audio technologies are found in many TVs and home theatre systems and are designed specifically to improve the sound quality from small speakers used in the home environment. The South of Market Audio Dock is its first own-brand hardware product, and it clearly …


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I thought that was a fan of iAudio's kit?


They're not gonna like you for that

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It's an expensive docking station....

At the end of the day it's an iPod/iPhone docking station. While the capacities of the iPod/iPhones keep getting bigger, the menu interface for sorting through them begins to struggle the more albums/tracks you have. While I don't doubt its build quality or audio capabilities its an awful lot of money to pay for something (iPod/iPhone) that has a fairly short lifetime before they are replaced. This is more pronounced for iPhones which tend to be replaced when the current contract comes to an end.

Apple have been the market leader or quite sometime which has ensured that the format of the iPod/iPhone docking station has remained stable and consistent. However, there is now a lot of competition out there and the Android phones are proving to be very popular. How long will the i<whatever> docking station continue to be in demand?


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