back to article Google is hiring 1,000 in Europe

Google is hiring 1,000 more people to deal with European expansion. Eric Schmidt, soon-to-be-ex-chief exec at the search and ad giant, told a conference in Germany that the company will increase European headcount by 20 per cent, from 5,000 to 6,000 by the end of the year. Schmidt told the DLD conference in Munich that the …


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Google have offices there. But then I would have to commute on our over crowded, late, smelly and seriously expensive trains (more expensive by 30% this year) having driven to the station on expensive (up 15% this month) petrol to park in a carpark (you've guessed it 20% more expensive this year)...

When google - those masters of the internet - allow their workers to work from home I will apply.



1) Move to London - solves the transport problem quite nicly (and the nightlife rocks.)

2) I'm sure Google will re-work their business model for your lordship, I'll send em an email.

3) You are a stereotype and complaining about the transport in England - please do stop.

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1). WTF would I want to live in that overpriced shithole?

2) Meh

3) Transport or weather - please pick one.


What london are you raving about

You can see the actual London jobs on linked in. Google has been polluting it with 300+ job dumps for a considerable amount of time now.

Quite annoying actually as Linked in filters do not work right on negation. So in order to see all positions and get a good barometer of the industry one has to scroll though the lengthy morass of marketdroid, salesdroid, projectdroid, deploymentdroid and servicedroid positions. With the exemption of a couple android (interesting what an stands for) positions these are non-technical in their majority

The real technical ones are elsewhere in a nice place where you can enjoy the fact that the state has no money to pay the universities for your children education, your equitity is -30%, your wife has no career and you have no future as Google will gladly bail out of it when the aforementioned country raises their corporation tax to the same level as the rest of the EU.

Yeah... "Do no evil" Bollllllllocksssssssssss....


good ideas but...

a) Google don't pay (as far as I know) the same sorts of rates as bankers get so I can't afford a house there - or even a flat, infact on a standard IT wage you'd be lucky to get a cardboard box unless you want to commute for hours on the equally unpleasant, smelly, hot, overcrowded and dirty underground.

b) No, google won't rework their business model, but that wasn't what I suggested. Whether I work from home or the office makes no difference to their business model. It would make a difference to my productivity (5 extra hours a day compared to commuting from here, and at least an hour a day saved for people in London), this will improve the health and welfare of the staff. It will mean they need less office space - thats a saving on expensive rental, desks, heating, lighting and air conditioning. It will mean that I have to use the internet (which I have) to communicate with fellow workers - probably using the tools that google and others provide.

c) I am not a stereotype, if you think the transport in England is any of - clean, on time, pleasant, cheap (actually just not a bloody rip off will do), the roads are well maintained, public transport exists outside of London, petrol is a sensible price, inflation in any transport costs - whether thats the car, fuel, maintenance, tax, train tickets or parking - are within 5% of the published 3% inflation rate can you please suggest which you are claiming. As far as I can see not one is true.

Big Brother

Dear El Reg

To Whom It May Concern.

I am writing to inform you that we will be issuing The Register for an invoice to fix the hole in the wall of our office which was caused by the developer who sits at this computer running from his seat, straight through the office wall, across the road and into the Google building opposite us, smashing every computer monitor on the desks between this station and the wall.

Please take more consideration when posting articles like this as developers like Chris are extremely excitable after 8 cups of coffee a day. I would suggest next time posting articles like this one before 10am when they are still in that 'hazy morning' state.

Kind Regards,

Chris' Manager.



Are these going to be in their European headquarters in Dublin? There was a rumour that they were looking for more office space there, close to where they are currently located.


London - eugh

They approached me a month ago, head hunting to fill a position in London. I turned it down since I hate London with a vengeance, and I lived there for years so I do know the place. As Dave said, if they were looking for people to work from home or even in some smaller regional hubs then it would be more appealing.

The job they were offering wasn't that interesting either, so having to commute or live in London wasn't the only reason for declining. Something in R&D might have been fun ...

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London vs Mountain View

I too was approched by Google (ego trip ahoy). At that point the position "was also available in" London and other european locations. So I looked at the posiblity of moving State side. Gun laws and insane politics aside, it was definately looking good for Mountain View.

For my money I could have got a huge woodland cabin with several acres of land 1/2 hour drive from the Googleplex. For London, well I couldn't afford anything family sized with in 1/2 hour travel.


Streetview jobview

Gordon Bennett! The outfit that has sent a camera scurrying around an over-priced over-crowded and over-rated dump called London obviously doesn't look at its own Streetview.

Plus: Gordon Bennett 2! How wonderful (not) to see that a business whose founders have long blathered on about being 'leading edge' and, er, 'innovative' has got no further than the early 19th Century in its call for peasants to quit the land and take a daily ride aboard a wheeled conveyance into The Big City.

It's presumably accpeting job applications only in something called an "envelope" with something else called a "penny stamp" affixed to the top right hand corner.


Huge smile....

I was going to point the good folk at google at this thread, thought they might be interested

However, going to the google website and looking around theres no email address....

Yes, to contact them you need that envelope, penny black and the old fashioned street address (although they do provide a nice map!)

Bravo, forefront of medieval technology

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