back to article BlueArc wants IPO for Christmas next year

BlueArc is hoping to have an IPO in early next year, and wants it to be known that no one reseller represents anything like half of its revenues. We suggested BlueArc reseller HDS, which says it has sold more BlueArc products than BlueArc itself, might account for more than half of BlueArc's revenue. But this isn't the case. …


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will they make it this time?

they tried to IPO a year or two ago and pulled it..

I assume an IPO announcement is not in fact an IPO, but just the filing for an IPO?

Force10's IPO is still MIA after them filing in March I believe.

The IPO market has been really weak recently I'd be surprised if they can pull it off, tons of IPOs have been pulled in recent months.

wish them luck, they have a good NAS product. Their back end storage sucks ass and HDS has their hands tied about supporting other 3rd party storage.

SGI also seems to have abandoned BlueArc after being an OEM partner for a very short period of time, no signs of them on their site.


@Nate Amsden.......

Are you saying that the storage BlueArc uses behind their servers, which happens to be LSI Engenio and is what IBM, SGI and many others use, sucks ass? DDN sucks too? Or were you referring to the HDS AMS?

HDS is definately a BlueArc OEM but I think SGI is/was only a reseller.

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