back to article Bank insiders charged in ZeuS cybercrime smackdown

Six corrupt bank insiders turned ZeuS money mule suspects have been arrested in Moldova. All half dozen of the suspects worked in local banks in the east European country. Investigators reckon the suspects specialised in laundering Western Union and MoneyGram payments received from co-conspirators in the West that can ultimately …


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In the olden days...

...bank robbers were only on one side of the counter.

Mine's the one with matching ski mask.

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might be limited when it comes to requiring a bank account. Trust has to be placed in an organsation and its employees.

The same is not true for uploading personal or sensitive information to cloud back up services, one has the freedom to choose not to use such services.

I would imagine bank employees are more heavily vetted than the IT guy that hot swaps drives on a cloud server.

Humans have and always will be the weakest link in any secure system. If you absolutely have to cloud your data, encrypt it first.

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