back to article Oracle 'friend' fails crucial Java leadership test

Oracle has suffered an embarrassing set of results in a vote over who leads Java. Developers voting in the Java Community Process (JCP) for new members of the committee overseeing Java on desktops and servers have overwhelmingly rejected a company nominated for a seat by Oracle through the JCP's Project Management Office (PMO …


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So 72% of eligible voters didn't care enough to vote? Doesn't say much for the state of the community, does it..?

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Check the math...

82% of voters didn't care enough - 4 of 5. Somebody needs to dig up old rates for participation. Although I suppose almost anything could be spun out of comparisons with old numbers.

Is this a reflection on Java people and their 'love'?

What if they gave a revolution, and only 18% showed up?


Or abstained?

Maybe 72% of people are so disgusted/or believe Oracle are going to ignore the JCP if they don't get their way hey did not see the point.

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The circle-jerk has broken

So it's either goodbye JCP or Oracle will simply choose to ignore JCP and just get on with it.

I can't really blame Oracle. If I subcontracted my fridge stocking to a third-party I'd be pretty peeved when they started dictating what I can actually have in my fridge and that wasn't in line with my thinking and desires. No organ grinder lets the monkey rule their lives.

JCP was part of getting the world plus dog to embrace Java but it's now working against Java's owners rather than for it. For Java developers it's an issue of who 'should own Java' but reality is who does own Java. Don't forget that Sun were also beginning to see JCP in the same way that Oracle are.



Oracle did not "inherit" the dominant position from Sun; they BOUGHT it.

"control of java" was a very significant asset in that sale.

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Oracle and Apple have one thing in common

Public companies both run by wing-nuts.

American corporate practice hits new lows. HP is little better. They both make Gates look like an angel.


Perhaps you meant,


"Oracle told The Reg it was trying to stuff the JCP"


"Oracle told The Reg it was not trying to stuff the JCP"


I think you're telling us that Oracle was trying to stuff the JCP, and stuff ASF, and stuff Android, and stuff exverybody in the world, but you don't expect them to admit it.

I suppose there's more than one meaning of the word "stuff". For instance: to NOCARRIER

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