back to article Silicon Valley wrestles self over public safety spectrum

US public-safety officials are involved in a tug-of-war with commercial interests about who gets control over the coveted 10MHz "D-Block" — and here in The Reg's San Francisco territory, said public-safety folks are harming their own cause through bickering and infighting. And no, we're not talking about that D-Block, we're …


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Just give it back

To analog TV so my portable receivers can use it. The whole thing is silly anyway. The public safety people have too much anyway. Let them use cell phones. It is much more private anyway!!


Surprise, surprise, surprise...

...if you can imagine a sardonic Gomer Pyle.

When they were getting ready to force digital broadcast TV on us, all the talk was about how it was necessary so as to free up spectrum for emergency services.

I knew better than to believe a word of it.

Even before the idea of auctioning off chunks of the people's airwaves gained hold, business believed they were entitled to spectrum in perpetuity just because they could make money with it, and heaven forbid we get in the way of that just because we want it used "in the public interest", to use that quaint old phrase that used to guide the FCC.

No wonder first responders feel they have to grab what they can while they can any way that they can.


Thanks for clearing that up

Phew - I almost thought you meant the d-block!



The public airwaves debate has been on-going for about 10-years now with no apparent resolution and almost everyone proposing "old technology" RT or cell solutions. And surprise surprise - nothing's happening ... anyone willing to bet we'll still be talking about "public safety airwaves" in another 10 years?

Probably the simplest solution would be to build an encrypted "IP" type of network bound to one set of frequencies and then let the devices evolve on the network over time according to local needs.

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