back to article Is there a Blue Cheetah in your future?

Is there a (Blue) Cheetah in your future? Massively Parallel Technologies (MPT) thinks it has the right stuff to change almost everything you’ve come to know and love (or, more likely, hate) about application development. It's putting together an entire suite of offerings – really an entire ecosystem – that will supposedly …


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"It will revolutionize the world of computing"

Nah ...even if Gene Amdahl says it.

If anyone is interested in MPT, i'd personally recommend skipping the webcast (it almost entirely fact free) and go to the news links on MPT website


Although the linked articles are hardly detailed themselves, they at least have a significantly higher information density than the webcast.


Yeah, not as meaty....

...as I would have liked. And they couldn't tell me as much as they would have liked either. A lot of the problem is that they're a start-up and they're concerned about too much info getting out there. When they're a bit farther along, I'll look at them again. What I'm really interested in is in empirical results from using their stuff - in other words, does it really work?

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An automated coding tool, you say?

Every year or so, someone comes out with a tool to automate the majority of coding tasks and make the lives of all developers quicker and easier, or maybe to phase them out altogether.

I'm sure this technology will be just as effective to that end as all the others have been.


Not parallel until Jan

Hmmm, it's difficult to find any kind of interesting technical detail, but one of the news articles does say

"Parallelizing applications will be performed by the upcoming Blue Cheetah product called Coalition, which is scheduled for release in the January 2011 timeframe."

(from http://www.hpcwire.com/features/Company-Offers-a-New-Way-to-Parallelize-Applications-104106353.html?page=2)


..not only an automated coding tool..

but some revolutionary concepts too - like welding Simulink on top of iTunes and running the output on LSF... :)

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