back to article Mozilla Labs pops out JavaScript language tool for coders

Mozilla has released a JavaScript engine strictly for testing purposes to allow web developers to gain deeper access to – and better understanding of – the code underpinning its browser. The Narcissus engine and Zaphod script look-up tool have been added to Mozilla Labs to help the open source outfit develop new ideas for the …


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Never mind all that nonsense, fix the damn memory leaks. 800MB of RAM for a frigging browser?


Mileage May Vary...

121MB here. Just what are you doing?


This is getting way out of hand

Javascript was a nice idea, a way of making web pages more interesting. Its morphed into a monster because try as you may you cannot stop armies of programmers trying to make a buck by piling on script code to try to guess users' intentions. The result is a mess -- browsers are in some kind of arms race with the programmers and the users lose out with bloated applications that run sluggishly that sport web page 'features' that may or may not work.

If we're going to have web page extensions then they should use something like LISP, something that will thin the ranks of wannabe browser extenders. Code is too easy to write and too difficult to write properly, there's too many people out there clagging up the system with garbage.


JavaScript IS Lisp

...well Scheme really. It just looks a bit like C, and unfortunately 99% of web developers treat it like C, which is why we have such a horrible mess.

Please check out the book "JavaScript - The Good Parts" for more information on using Scheme - sorry, JavaScript - in the browser.


Javascript _is_ something like LISP...

@Martin Usher

just changing the syntax will not necessarily make it easier to write properly.

...and it's used for way more than guessing user's intentions, BTW.

With AJAX it has really come into its own.

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