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First impression: Oracle's version of the Vblock, the Exalogic Elastic Compute Cloud, takes a distinctively different approach to storage. Oracle's Exalogic box is a standard 19-inch rack (42U) configuration containing an integrated set of hardware and software components for running, Oracle says (pdf), "applications of all …


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Sun 7210 storage

You guys do remember that there WAS a Sun 7210 - right? It was discontinued in July.


Huge performance

One ExaLogic machine handles up to 1 million http requests per second. Two of these ExaLogic servers can handle entire Facebook.

Larry has talked about clusters as superior to SMP machines. Larry means that you take cheap commodity server gear and with software, make it look like one big server. Therefore this machine costs 25% of one IBM POWER 795 but is much faster. And you can run 8 of these ExaLogic servers in parallell.

POWER795 has several single-point-of-failure. But this ExaLogic machine has no such points, everything is redundant.

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Ehhh.. Exalogic is a cluster of machines. You can put net stocking, a dress and lipstick on a pig to make it look smart, but it's still a pig.

Cheap commodity, yeah.. ask Morgan chase about that


The only reason Larry likes cluster is that it gives him almost money for nothing.

You don't get any value from having to buy x10 the software licenses to run a workload, and with the cheap commodity server aproach, you even get crap hardware.

I simply don't get it why people want to pay more money for a product that basically consists of expensive cluster licens version of Oracle products that cost a fortune in maintenance and then only get cheap community also ? It simply does not make sence.

No thanx. A big Iron box any day over that. It's cheaper in TCO and much much stabler. If you really want a big SPARC box then buy a M9K.

Now an Exalogic is just as much in the same class as a POWER 795 as your home PC is to an M9000.

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>Two of these ExaLogic servers can handle entire Facebook.

Doesn't sound quite right, even if it could handle that many HTTP transactions.

960GB of SSD capacity and 2.8TB of fast ECC DIMM RAM per full rack = 2TB of Flash and 6TB of RAM, or 8 TB of "fast" storage, assuming RDMA overheads are tolerable. It's hard to justify such limited capacity for web scale traffic at such a significant price point; esp. something based on commodity hardware. (RAM, Ethernet, Infiniband and SAS. )

Besides, if this is an oracle product, it will probably take 7 of these to run a inventory system for a medium sized company.. that's assuming you're using their software.

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re: Sun 7210 storage


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HP copy cat

So isn't Direct Area Networks and clusters of commodity servers acting as big lumps of compute power exactly what HP have been talking about for months. First Oracle nick Hurd and already they are nicking HP's ideas!

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