back to article Overland sues BDT for patent infringement

Struggling tape and disk array data protection vendor Overland Storage is suing BDT, a Germany-based tape automation supplier for using its patented technology unlawfully. There are two patents involved: one dealing with media elements in an automated media library; and the other with insertion or removal of tape cartridges …


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Dead Vulture

Overland sues... itself?

Doh. What the article fails to mention is that Overland - who rely on the dregs of their tape revenue to keep financing Kelly's Snap fantasies - are themselves a BDT OEM! After they abandoned the disastrous ArcVault loader line they instead released the 'Neo S' series, hoping to capitalize on the Neo brand that was built back when Overland still had an engineering team (long since laid off).

Just for instance, spot the differences, if any:

... and there are many more OEMs of the same products, all sourced from BDT.

(side note - for extra credit spot the irony at

Big fan Chris, but why not dig a little deeper - the rise and fall of ArcVault (something to do with a big OEM deal a few years ago that never closed), the upstart BDT that holds the commodity tape library high ground (oops ADIC, go get em Quantum), and now Overland's own attempt to sue their own supplier? Why not sue HP too and just get it over with...

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