back to article BCS votes to keep spending secret

The Extraordinary General Meeting of the BCS yesterday voted in favour of the wide-ranging reforms recommended by its current management, but revealed a substantial rump of angry rebels remains. The vote to suspend further spending on the "Transformation" scheme until there is full and open transparency of where the £5m is being …


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The Five Angry Wizards were VERY angry indeed. How could Slytherin have triumphed over the champions of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and... er.... Babbagin and Turington.

I'll tell ye how: most of the voters will have been exactly the sort of non-Wizard bean counters who joined the B"C"S in the past couple of years and turned it into an offshoot of the MBA Old Boys network, i.e. the people that were attracted by the very changes that the Wizards are protesting against.

In short, the Five Angry Wizards asked these noobs to vote to turn the BCS back into the sort of society that they'd never have joined in the first place.

Still, at least that basic FAIL in understanding illogical hew-man motiations demonstrates their status as *true* Wizards. Doubtless they'll respond with a rant about how the membership must have not failed to discomprehend that they weren't voting to unchange the opposite of the status quo.


What is the point of this lot ?

I've never figured out just what the BCS are supposd to do or be about.

I first came across them in the 1970's & couldn't figure out what they were doing for me then, a lowly programmer.

Things haven't changed since - I've never come across any evidence that they have any relevance to workers or managers in IT.

I just don't see the point of them.

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Stop whinging

And join the ACM.


How much money? How many employees?

Who actually gives the BCS the £30,000,000 per annum? What for? The BCS has been an irrelevance to people at the sharp end of computing for as long as I've been a professional programmer, and asking around my office, none of my younger colleagues have even heard of it.

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Charity and 266 staff

The BCS has been very charitable and their 266 staff all have CITP CEng and CSci ... those of use working at the coal face just have to pay money (and then get turned down because "our" work is "irrelevant")

Join the ACM or IEE ... much more relevant and professional.

Gravestone should read BCS instead...

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'Bout Time Too?

It's just so glitchy it makes ones skin sorta itch.

Are these the people still emphasising the importance of HTML 1.0 and supporting design your own website and design your own credit card payment into that website?

Sounds very Further Education to me.


266 Staff?

Have they not heard of the new-fangled computing machines that can replace the people formerly used for repetitive administrative work?


This is not going to end well

The way that this is going is not good for the BCS or its members.

I can imagine in future going to an interview and being asked "Are you or have you ever been a member of the BCS", in the style of the McCarthy communist hearings in the US.

Maybe it would be better to make it a secret society.

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How much do they spend on...

... campaigning to increase the number of computer science students so none of them can get a job?

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Perfectly reasonable

It sounds like the BCS is, as it should, accurately reflecting the state of enterprise IT. Good show chaps.

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