back to article Symantec finds fat cache of swiped gaming logins

Security researchers Symantec have unearthed a monster cache of 44 million stolen gaming account and website login credentials. The haul, thought to have been harvested using Trojans with information stealing capabilities, took in data associated with a variety of online games and websites. Hackers had set up a system so that …


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Banking problems in the Far East

> Trojans that steal banking login credentials get the most press, particularly in the far east

Where incidentliy, in most countries, all the banks force their customers to suffer Internet Damager.


I hope they pass on the details...

... to the game admins, so that they can try contacting the players and telling them to clean up there hard drives.

Whether that has any affect, i guess we will wait and see...

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44 million swiped online game logins?

I think that's virtually significant........


As a matter of interest.

By far and large, at least as far as WoW is concerned, I believe Social Engineering to be the main source of compromised accounts.

Unfortunately if these guys get your email address, they will spam you with emails that look almost convincing to some that look clearly fake. These direct you to a fake website (ie, something like bl! which your eye may not catch the first time round if you are not careful) and there you go.

Apart from that you will often get in-game messages from other characters about special offers, some even purporting to be GM's. (Hint: if you were ever messaged by a GM, you'd KNOW they were a GM and not some plain vanilla toon).

Apart from that hiring someone to 'level' your toon or get you rare bind-on-pickup items is also a sure fire way of getting yourself pwned, as obviously, you need to surrender access of your account to these folks for the said transaction to happen.

I have certainly come across players that have had this happen to them. They usually target, as one might imagine, the more naive, trusting and.. I am assuming mainly younger player population that may not necessary know any better.

So... as always, a bit of paranoia is good for you!



It's also a good way to get your account banned by Blizzard- the pay to level services are also against the T&Cs that no one bothers to read after every patch update. :D

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