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Two's company but three is becoming a crowd: Solid Access has launched a NAND flash-only NAS storage product, the UNAS 100, offering 300,000 IOPS and 1,000MB/sec bandwidth. This joins Nimbus Data Systems' S-Class and WhipTail, with its Racerunner Virtual Desktop XLR8R, in offering a flash-only storage array at reasonable prices …


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short stroking

short stroking entered it's end of life days long before flash, it did it when companies started properly wide striping data across all spindles in the array, goes back at least 5 years probably more.


WhipTail - MLC From Day One

Hello Chris,

Great article. To clarify, WhipTail has been MLC-based since day one. We are the only MLC based enterprise storage vendor in production at customer sites for over 18 months and counting.

Along with proven performance metrics in dozens of customer sites across several use cases (including VDI, Server Virtualization, OLTP, Messaging, and Database), WhipTail is the first and only vendor to offer inline data deduplication & compression of primary storage - dramatically changing the ROI.

WhipTail is also the first flash storage vendor to offer a Hybrid model that includes 1.5 TB of MLC based flash and 6.0 TB of SATA in a 2U appliance - making "flash for IOPS and SATA for capacity" a reality for MSRP $54,000. Key differentiator - with inline data deduplication and compression, customers can now scale both flash and SATA with the business for a dramatically reduced TCO.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

All the best,

Ryan Snell

Sales Manager

WhipTail Technologies


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