back to article Music festival organisers warn punters about dodgy tickets

As Glastonbury confirmed today that Latin pop sensation Shakira will play at this year's festival, organisers of various summer concerts have warned punters to beware of fake tickets. Festival Republic said yesterday that customers searching online for tickets to Reading and Leeds festivals, which take place in August this …


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glastonbury ID

Err, just checked the official site, it doesnt mention ID at all. Have you a link for that information ?

Your photo is on the ticket, that's the only id you need , surely?

from glasto site.


You do not need ID to enter the Festival. All tickets will be personalised with the passport photograph submitted by the ticketholder during registration.

Every ticket holder will be required to present their personalised ticket. Checks will be made at the gates. If you are not the person whose face is printed on the ticket you will be denied entry. "

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Personalised tickets (& reqd ID) can suck my balls

Who cares who brings in a ticket, as long as it's been paid for? If I can't go for whatever reason, I expect to be able to give them to someone who can, otherwise I've been rooked out of what I spent for the tickets.


Mostly agree.

There should be (might be?) a legal way to transfer the ticket or get a refund if you can't go. But, as much as I hate to agree with the overpriced festival organisers, it's the wanker touts buying up huge swathes of tickets and selling them on at inflated prices and con artist scum selling forgeries to the gullible/desperate that forced this state of affairs.


Sorry. No Refunds!

I care, but I also know what you're saying

The ingenius aspect of personalised tickets is it makes it harder for touts to obtain tickets en masse, giving real fans the chance of getting a legitimate ticket in the first place instead of paying over the odds to some scouser*.

The reason why personalised tickets are not more widespread is that despite their protestations, gig promoters are happy for touts to bulk buy tickets as it effectively underwrites the risk. What promoters really can't stand are ticket exchange services where ordinary fans sell on tickets they can't use, because they see it as a lost sale. Hence the title.

*Touts outside gigs in Leeds *always* seem to be scousers.

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They have 'green police' too


"as smelly as three-day old concert-goers"

Should you really be taking a newborn to Glastonbury?


Re:Mostly agree

"it's the wanker touts buying up huge swathes of tickets and selling them on at inflated prices"

You mean like TicketBast*rd(Master) and live Nation? Legalised touting at its best.


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