back to article Intel pushes workhorse Xeons to six cores

The first volley in the volume x64 server price war was officially fired today, with Intel rolling out its "Westmere-EP" Xeon 5600 processor. Rival Advanced Micro Devices is widely expected to counter with its "Magny-Cours" Opteron 6100 processors on March 29, to be followed by the long-awaited launch of Intel's "Nehalem-EX" …


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Anonymous Coward

Methinks a certain aluminium workstations

with a piece of fruit on the side will be getting a discreet bump later today


looks like a 12 core architecture

That's clearly a chip design intended to be leveraged for more than 6 cores. I can easily see an extension to a 12 core architecture, and 8 cores is also an easy architecture, and 16 is not big leap from there, though i don't see how to go to more than 16 cores with this design, so i think AMD still has some tricks I haven't seen.

Gates Horns

Yeah.. buuutt..

Before you get to excited.

Note tha if you compare the fujitsu SAP 2 Tier benchmark that was released today.

to the somewhat older Nehalem 4core/chip 45nm result, also from Fujitsu


Then you actually have:

1x5 times the cores.

1.83 times the Memory.

1.14 times the GHz

and only

1.46 times the Users.

416 users per core for Nehalem

405 users per core for Westmere

142 users per core per GHz for Nehalem

122 users per core per GHz for Westmere.


" I can easily see an extension to a 12 core architecture, and 8 cores is also an easy architecture," Not without a different cooling solution, or a serious cut in GHz. You forget that Westmere is a 130Watt TDP.

// Jesper



Ouch that was bad!

It is almost as bad as IBM did


"Almost 4 years ago IBM published a result of the p5-595. This system yielded with 1.9 Ghz Power5 CPU 100,512.30 QphH. 4 years of development, 256 GByte more memory and 2.6 times the frequency gives you just roundabout 50% more performance"

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