back to article Nvidia drives in second-gen Ion

Expect a raft of souped up netbooks to follow Nvidia's launch of its second-generation Ion graphics platform today. Nvidia Ion 2 Acer announced its Ion 2-based netbook, the Aspire One 532G, earlier this year, but it'll be joined by Asus, which today took the wraps off the 12in Eee PC 1201PN. It also launched a couple of Ion …


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The day Nvidia, MSFT and Intel killed the Netbook

For the time being there is no Optimus support in Xorg. There isn't one in sight either. It will require nvidia releasing specs (which it has not) and probably rearchitecting some major portions of the xorg infra to allow multiple drivers to be loaded at the same time and graphic primitives dispatched to the correct driver as needed.

These are netbooks that is not making my purchasing budget any time soon. In fact with Windows 7 full edition mandatory inclusion these are not likely to make any purchasing budget any time soon. It will be around 400£. Neither cheap, nor small any more.

Time to buy some more hinges for my old faithful HP NC4000. It looks like it will outlast its 5 years expected lifetime by at least a few more years.



The GeForce 9300M supports VDPAU, so a decent Linux distro should be one mean beast on these platforms. And provide a big saving on the cost of upgrading from Win7 Starter to Win7 HP (circa £85 it seems).

I just hope the manufacturer's ship with a well done Linux install or are swift to refund the Microsoft Tax. And ditching that Win7 baggage would allow them to get much closer the the desired price point.

Cue the MS shills.

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I have a Lenovo R61 laptop with Intel GM965 integrated graphics, considering the drivers seem to be the same for most Intel graphics chips and that I have a spare PCI-Express Mini slot inside (currently running a new Broadcom Crystal HD card) could I get an NVidia Ion2 in there and will Windows 7 work with it?

A question for NVidia that burns I think! I would love to retrofit real performance graphics to this three year old laptop! It would very much still rock if I could do that.


HD Video

Can a system with this chipset play back 1080p 24fps video (OK, 48fps if you want 3D), I wonder … if so, it's useful!


Power Draw will be the decider

The first ION, while everybody seemed to bang on about it; never really took off in the netbook space because of power draw (WARNING! this is only my hunch, i never owned or tested any hardware with ION inside).

Hopefully the power draw will be better this time around, but i still don't really understand the point of putting in a fully fledged graphics card into a device which will probably only be used to look at email and youtube vids.


Would this kit work well as an HTPC?

I'm in the market for a HTPC cos my PVR broke down on me!!

Would a nettop with this kit and the fastest Atom CPU, a TV capture card and maybe a blu-ray drive suffice as a great 1080p windows media centre system? I'd be routing the output of a Sky+ box into it cos I cant stand the flakey pause live TV and rewind capabilities of my Sky+ box.

Plus all the other advantages a fully fledged PC brings to the living room.

Any ideas?

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I'd say yes

Have an Atom 330 Ion platform at the moment (for another purpose) that I've put Windows on to see how it performs. Windows experience scores were

That was with 512MB ram in it as it was all I could find lying around at the time, explaining the low score for that (and also 2D graphics). Should be more than enough for an HTPC, and the new one even more so.


yes it will run a home theatre

the outgoing ion1 platform plays blu ray discs flawlessly in the ION330HT boxes.

plug in a tv tuner at the back and windows 7 gives you sky+ style pvr,

awesome, been using one for a month :)

can't wait for ION2 it will be even faster

managed to play race driver grid on ion1 btw :)

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