back to article IBM preps biz info flow sniffer

Next month, IBM will demonstrate new business software designed to track how information flows across different systems and squeal when it spots potential flaws or alterations. Based on its own research along with technology from the $225m acquisition of Guardium in 2009, IBM's InfoSphere Business Information Monitor will be …


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I'm guessing that 5+ year old Copyrights don't matter much to IBM, but if somebody needs some prior art give me a shout.


Although I wonder have to wonder if they actually got the redaction-so-you-can't-re-identify part right on the database bit. http://www.rustprivacy.org/meta/ReadMeFirst.pdf (get the sample spreadsheet). Or just http://www.rustprivacy.org/rustthesql.pdf if you are lazy.

If they can do this right over ODBC, they are God-like and can put me and the rest of the unwashed to work licking their boots. Otherwise, Caveat Emptor (Latin for read the f'ing EULA fine print)



"Those calling the shots would be alerted if a data feed from a specific location wasn't being included into the mix and notified of possible implications."

So it can tell that you havn't included a data feed...presumably from a list of feeds it expects (after all how the hell would it know without being told), which makes this software one step up from pen and paper...it's notepad with alerts, but as it also provides statistics and a mechanism to allow know nothing management to second guess experienced database admins I'm sure it will be a mission critical system before long.


I've just filed my provisional patent application ....

... for "auto-unredaction software" ...

... gives me a year to back engineer and fill in the details ... Muahahahhaha

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