back to article Fujitsu puts systems chief at helm

Since last September, struggling IT supplier Fujitsu has been trying to right itself and do so without a president, with double-duty falling on the shoulders of Michiyoshi Mazuka, the company's chairman. But Fujitsu has now tapped an executive who has run several Fujitsu divisions and who currently runs its systems business, …


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Same Crap Just A New Face

So we have a new boss, with the same ideas of profit, profit profit and when they do make it, who will benefit, not its workforce.

Maybe he should get of the office or give a round or two of golf and actually see how unhappy the workforce are.


SPARC64 is dead

Deja vu all over again.

Sun killed USV and kept USIV around long enough with small upgrades to milk customers, but ended up losing billions..

Fujitsu has not committed to a SPARC64 VIII (Venus) processor and it looks like there will never be a 45nm SPARC64 chip. It cant come back into the plan either because it was 2012 and Nehalem and Power7 are 45nm this year and likely 32nm before Fujitsu could even make a 45nm chip. Fujitsu's M9000 sales are in free fall and the only people buying M5000's are people who cannot migrate. We have Fujitsu SPARC on the divest list.

When Fujitsu/Oracle will admit to the demise of Venus is anyones guess, but they still have not admitted ROCK is dead. Larry only cares about the T2+ chip will has

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of Fujitsu is dismal as compared to IBM, HP or Intel. They cannot afford SPARC development much more than SUN can.

Better partner with AMD or Intel to make their x86-64 CPUs efficiently work in midsize and large machines. Saves a lot of money and still yields better performance.

The days of the traditonal systems company seems to be over, anyway. Even IBM now is more a service&software rather than a systems company. Google shows the way of the future - use huge clusters of dirt-cheap x86 commodity boxes and software to "map" the workload on these machines. The time of special datacenter hardware is coming to an end. Fujitsu would be best adviced to drop SPARC and S/390 and develop this x86 cluster solution software.


Oh Really ?

"So we have a new boss, with the same ideas of profit, profit profit and"

Could you please take out the pocket calculator and divide the UK profits by number of people employed in the UK ? You are going to figure it is a very small amount. A bad quarter could push Fujitsu deep into the red.

The overall Fujitsu profits are also pretty bad as compared to revenue and number of employees. Don't believe in the crap your union is telling you. Perform the calculations yourself.

Bad results will definitely hurt the long-term prospects of employees of any company and Fujitsu is totally right not to give away money they do not have. Actually, they should be much more aggressive in financial terms, as they will need a lot of money for new computing models in the era of cheap x86 clusters. The right thing to do would be making thousands of people redundant. THAT is the truth. Even if it hurts.

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