back to article Bocada looks at data protection market through Prism

Bocada reckons it has built a next-generation backup reporting product by embedding Enterprise v5.4 product technology in an ITIL-like service process management framework. Crudely speaking, a service delivery management layer has been bolted on and integrated into a Bocada Enterprise 5.4 base, and has dubbed the result Prism. …


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CEO's clarification

A note from Bocada CEO NAncy Hurley:-

From Nancy Hurley, CEO of Bocada:-

I wanted to send on a note to clarify a few key things about the Prism application. Unfortunately, I believe the write up may give many of our customers the wrong impression about what the product is and more importantly the upgrade path, so hopefully we will have an opportunity to update the review.

The key concern is the statement “Crudely speaking, a service delivery management layer has been bolted on and integrated into a Bocada Enterprise 5.4 base, and has dubbed the result Prism”. While we have utilized the same proven back end data collection engine (due to the agent-less architecture, the scalability and the heterogeneous support), Prism itself has a completely different data access layer and presentation layer which has been a significant effort but has a great deal of feature and integration benefits.

The Prism data access layer is completely metadata driven and accesses data from the database in a completely different way, and more importantly data is correlated at the presentation layer differently than it is in Bocada Enterprise. This new architecture gives us a great deal of flexibility in data presentation, and is what allows us to have the flexibility to provide impact reports based on how customers define SLA’s (as opposed to static definitions that BE and other competitive products measure). The architecture also provides a built in intuitive workflow, a knowledge base and change analysis- the features are not available in BE 5.4, and could not have been had we not changed the whole architecture of the product. In addition, we have completely open APIs that will allow for rapid integration with other service management solutions such as ticketing systems. The development of Prism was a significant effort which we are very excited about, and the customer and analyst response has been overwhelmingly positive. This truly is a service management application and more than an upgrade to our backup reporting solution.

Based on all of the changes and new features, we are selling Prism as a completely different product, this is not an upgrade to BE 5.4 which I believe customers may discern from the overview you provided. Current customers will be able to migrate data from their existing BE databases to Prism when the migration tool is available, and we will be sending out information on this to our installed base in the near future.


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