back to article Yahoo!'s Chinese affiliate disowns parent for siding with Google

Yahoo!'s Chinese affiliate has slammed its part owner for siding with Google in an ongoing row over cyber-espionage attacks on Western businesses, widely blamed on the Chinese government. Last week, Yahoo! said it was "aligned" with Google in fighting "attempts to infiltrate company networks to obtain user information". This …


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Here's the hand salute telling you...

you're number one. Boo yah! Take your oppression elsewhere.


Oh China

And whilst China is busy alienating itself from the rest of the world what will the Net result be in the years to come?

Simples. China is a big country, very big. They do not need Google, or Yahoo, their own companies will be more than happy to mop up the space created by any voluntary exits or exiled companies. Us against them will be the new game and vice versa. No doubt they would quite happily cut off all internet access to IP addresses originating outside China and of course this is not just going to be Internet related either. Made in China could be a thing of the past for our cheap plastic goodies and inexpensive hardware.

A divided planet, what funzo.


Blessing in disguise?

If it means that we here in The West learn to make things again, then Bring it On!


The Chinese Government Steals Western Intellectual Proerty

The Chinese Government Steals Western Intellectual Proerty

“Google engineers at Silicon Valley began to suspect

that Chinese intruders were breaking into

private Gmail accounts,

the company began a secret counteroffensive.”

It appears ”Adobe Systems, Northrop Grumman

and Juniper Networks, Microsoft,

Rolls-Royce and Royal Dutch Shell,

Rackspace Hosting Inc, Cybersitter”,

and God knows who, in a considered

deliberate attack on Western intellectual

property by the heathen Communist Chinese.

The practice of stealing is built into

the business model at

“the Chinese Internet company carved out

a strong presence by offering something

that Google, at first, would not:

easy links to download pirated songs, TV shows and movies.”

The Communist heathens need a class action lawsuit handed to them

for gaining access to everyone, who has ever owned a gmail/hotmail account.

Is there a lawyer in the US worth

their salt anymore?

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It's not the InterNet it's all about TRADE

China is, yet AGAIN, breaching the WTO agreement it signed up to.

Read: "".



Has Yahoo-Tse-Tung! thus dissented from an objection to having one's business computers hacked, thereby coming out as pro-hacking? Someone may take them at their word.

Or is it only "certain people" that Yahoo! China doesn't mind being cracked by?

In other totalitarian news, Kim Jong-Il has decided to have a go at hacking for the first time, and immediately guessed the backdoor password to the entire Internet - it's qwer1234jkl;780 but the Dear Leader has changed it now so you won't get in. To anything. (If you want to know how you're reading this, it was probably in your browser cache.)


Google to quit China,a commercial or political behavior?

A few days ago,Google announced to quit the Chinese market , it is a commercial activity or political behavior?

As a user, I usually prefer to use it. However, Google is said that the quiting the Chinese market because of too much differences in the negotiations with the Chinese government . I think Google is too presumptuous.Did Google think that any government would be yield to a company? Although Google is a big company.

In addition, reportedly it is because of Google's failure in the Chinese market lead to such an excuse to quit. So, Google looks very decent even if the really to quit.

Which do you think would be the reasons? Or other reasons?

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China Not Blamed

All Yahoo! stated was that it was working together with Google to fight against hacking. There may well be a lack of evidence of any involvement of collusion by the Chinese government in the hacking, but it is not seriously disputed that the attacks took place.

Doubtless, Yahoo! will issue a clarification that will make this sufficiently clear that its local partner can admit its error without losing face.

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