back to article Spanish payment breach prompts huge German card recall

German authorities have recalled more than 100,000 credit cards over fears that crooks may have obtained details of the cards via an unnamed Spanish payment processing firm. Holidaymakers who used their Visa or Mastercard credit card in Spain may be at risk of fraud following the reported security breach, which prompted the …


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Whereas in good old Blighty...

The banks would have swept this under the carpet and let the customer struggle for any compensation in the event of any fraud coming to light.


"It is...a routine measure"

How routine exactly?


Umm, timescale?

Having used my plastic in Spain this month, it'd be nice to know whether I need to start to shout at my bank or not...

Anonymous Coward


In Spain I suspect very routine!

I always get the impression that Spain is akin to the wild-west, I've never had a card cloned anywhere in the UK (where I live) or in Eastern Europe where I regularly travel. Went to Spain for a week, and both me and my brother managed to get our cards cloned. We'd only used them once, and at different ATMs.

Big Brother

Not trying to be patriotic but

I live in Spain for the last... yes, since I was born or about 40 something years ago. I use a credit card since 17. Never, ever myself nor any friend or relative has had a card cloned. The anecdotal evidence provided in a post by an unfortunate traveller should not be used as a measure of the level of security in Spain.

Remember, this country is visited each year by more than the number of its own inhabitants. In these scales, you can find single examples of almost anything happening to someone in Spain. Which is by no means the indicator of any general property of the country.

That said, when I travel to the UK I feel both more secure (police seems to be better integrated in society) and more watched (why are you so obsessed with TV cameras all over the place)

And yes, there are data thefts as well.

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I'm in two minds about this.

I've known about this for about a week because we have an account with one of the affected banks, and our card has been blocked. Whilst I'm fairly impressed with the response - block then inform - there are lots of stories of people being stranded with no access to their accounts. Several people only found out about it when they came to pay hotel bills! I can't decide if this is better than the standard UK banks' response of "There is no problem, and anything that looks like a problem is your fault"!

However, whilst the response seems to have been robust, it seems to have been delayed for a few months, and trying to find hard facts is very difficult, so maybe it is merely a variation on the UK response.


Looking under the rug

@Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

"In good old Blighty" it would be swept under the carpet ..."

Did you check under the rug?

I fail to see how this only affects German credit cards used in Spain via the payment clearing house in question. Did the data thieves get selective? Surely it affects all CCs used through this particular, (as yet) unnamed clearing house (and I don't expect it will be named, ever); unless the defrauders decided that the German banking system was the softest target.

It would also be helpful to customers if the banks told us what to look for on our statements, in terms of discrepancies (spurious transactions, or "doctored" amounts?). It seems the word is to give as little word as possible. Keep it quiet, lest the public loses confidence in the banking system ... wait ... stable door anyone?

@Anonymous Coward

As for Spain being the "Wild West", well maybe, but we get to carry (metaphorical) guns and not told how we should live our lives by a nanny state. Actually, we do get told, but no one listens. It's what's so great about Spain :P

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