back to article Lords want help on cyber attacks

A Lords Committee is investigating European Union policy on cyber attacks and is calling for evidence from industry and other interested parties. The ermine-clad gents, and two ladies, are particularly interested in how vulnerable the internet is to a widespread failure because of an attack such as those previously aimed at …


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So don't plug critical infrastructure into the 'net

Just don't plug critical infrastructure into the net! Also don't listen to the firewall vendors trying to convince people to plug critical infrastructures into the net, they're OGC s trying to sell their firewalls.

As for these cyber attacks, typically there is a mental game done here, the attack is worthless, symbolic, often nothing but outages against some government website. Yet it is presented as 'cyber-war'.

Imagine for yourself if the Houses of Parliament website went down, what is the real effect of that?

You can try it now, get the admin to turn off the site..... notice any effect? Nope? Yet this will be presented as 'cyber war' and talking heads will talk about attacks on Parliament (as if the web site is parliament). Word games.

Georgia was attacked by Russian tanks and planes and bombs, and yet the discussion in the West was of websites???

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In other news...

The Lords require help finding their own arses...

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How about investigating the resilience of the HoC network first?

Or did they finally get conficker booted out in the end

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@ RegisterFail

Suicide Logic Bombers.

The ones trying to blow up the bus.

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The Tip of the NIceberg .... ? Oh yes, you can bet your shirts on IT.

"Why? Well, anyone geeky enough to be able to perform such an attack would probably be so dependent on the internet they simply couldn't bring themselves to do it. Is there really anyone out there who could make their life so intertwined with the internet to be able to pull something like this off and then simply say goodbye to the internet afterwards?" ..... By RegisterFail Posted Wednesday 4th November 2009 12:22 GMT


You misunderestimate the Stupidity and Madness of Man, which is discussed/recognised here .... "Obviously, to Engage the Services of such Players to Ensure that their Allegiances and Skills are not used against oneself, at whatever Cost, is the Simple Immediate Answer, which also will enable them to Provide the Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Defence System Algorithm and Mentoring Advice to Deter any Would Be Attacker. And whilst any Sane Intelligent Being will always be so deterred and dissuaded from using what he/she may have learned, it is a whole different ball game with the Insane Intelligent or the Sane Intelligent with an Abiding and Legitimate Grudge/Grievance, which is either being studiously ignored or has not yet been recognised." .... ..... and which was part of a much wider submission to a Cyber Security post... "Take Me to Your Cyber Leader" ...By Col. Alan D. Campen, USAF (Ret.), which you can read at the provided hyperlink, if it is working again, as it now is, so just ignore the little gremlin rant at the end of the above posted link.

And it is NOT an internet killing cyber attack which "the Management" are certainly right to be worried about, it is an Establishment killing cyber attack, against which they have no possible Defences. And yes, that is not difficult and is ever more tempting the longer it is ignored ...... for any able to do such deeds are well aware of the incalculable costs which can be inflicted to Operating Systems as against the zero cost, quantitatively-eased peanuts which can be so easily quietly paid to halt any such attacks and prevent attack information instructions from falling into enemy hands/hearts and minds.

The Information is out there all ready, already, and it is not hard to find whenever you go looking, but it can be made invisible to allow for necesssary Change, for others are working on it too, and may easily stumble upon the ..... well, they would be Magic Keys, methinks.

In the great scheme of things, are the Houses of Lords and Commons extremely small beer, as they would appear to be absolutely petrified/terrified of using the Transparent Immediacy of the Internet to reply to any sensitive enquiry which would be made of them [although perhaps, who knows, the spooky crowd vets their email and they don't receive any real juicy stuff, although that would also mean, if there is no dialogue with senders on such matters as they might intercept, that they too would not up to the job in analysing and facilitating any real juicy stuff] and I wonder if that is because they would know or fear that their every move, and possible future move, is so well known or choreographed for them, to perform as instructed.

Puppets in Deed, indeed.

You may like to consider that if that was not the case in the Past, it is so now Possible in the Present and they are Captives to the Surveillance they have Enabled. And how Sweet is that Irony.

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I've always thought ...

... that the House of Lords is an ill-based, illformed anachronistic hunk of waste.

Anyone seen Andrew Marr's making of modern brittain and how the Lord's (cute, dainty touchy-feely in tune with the needs of the people, NOT) battled so hard against democracy along with delaying health & wealth of UK people?

Balance the UK debt?

Proposal: close the House of Lords as a contributory start.

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