back to article Secure Juniper triggers Dell's OEM'ing instinct

Dell is going to OEM Juniper networking gear as well as Brocade's, because of Juniper's superiority in wide area networking and security. It is going to take certain models of Juniper's MX Series services routers, EX Series Ethernet switches and SRX Series services gateways, all of which run Junos software. Dell will supply them …


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bigger and faster?

I think not. Foundry(like others) are years ahead of Juniper in the switching area. They have much bigger, much faster switches, and they have some really really big routers as well(3.2Tbps, 4 billion pps) which I'm sure can rival Juniper's biggest stuff.

Having just gone through a examination of Juniper switches their stuff falls short in many areas, biggest being ease of use, 10GbE and cost.

It won't even take 5 minutes of time to look at Juniper's portfolio of switching gear to see that they have a ways to go. They make great routers, and it makes sense for organizations that use their routers to use their switches, single vendor etc.. But best of breed in switching they are not(not that Foundry/Brocade is but they are better).

Even their firewalls are interesting. We're looking at Juniper firewalls as well and the general recommendation is to avoid the JunOS-based firewalls(SRX etc) and stick to the ScreenOS products as they have much better features still. I think Juniper has 4 separate firewall product lines at least..their product line up is almost as complicated as Cisco's.

Give me low cost, high density, power efficient 10GbaseT with an easy to use interface and advanced Ethernet based protocols for simple network management. There aren't many vendors that offer that combination..well I can only think of one, whom I've been using for the better part of the last decade.



I agree to a point. We've been using their ScreenOS SSG firewalls and to be honest - they rock. Couldn't recommend a better firewall than the SSG series - truly great. (Using the 520 and a couple of 320's plus a handful of 5's and 20's too for remote branch sites)

Got one of their SA devices for SSL VPN / Remote access / Citrix Gateway which is also highly recommended. Not a firewall - it's a SSL VPN gateway.

Also using a couple of their MX series routers / switches which again, are awesome. However the rest of our network is made from ProCurve switches.

The Juniper kit is very, very strong, enterprise grade equipment. Good support and very capable products. However I agree that their product lines are so hard to understand it sometimes puts Cisco in a good light. Think Juniper are trying to blur the lines too hard in their product line up. JunOS is truly a great network platform, but as it does nearly everything (can't vouch for JunOS firewalls as we use ScreenOS) then why they need so many series of switches and routers I don't know...

Not sure who makes the Dell PowerConnect 62xx series of rack level switches but they suck. If it's Foundry then I'd rather Dell use Juniper or HP to be honest. CLI is bloody awful!

Anyway - Juniper kit is great in my experience. Though can't vouch for edge / distro switch level. (core switches/routers are fine though)

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