back to article Internet coalescing into lump of Google

The internet is looking much lumpier than it was just a few years ago. In 2007, the majority of internet traffic was more evenly distributed across tens of thousands of networks. Now, just 300 networks contribute to 60 per cent of all traffic online, according to two-year study by Arbor Networks. Google is clearly the largest …


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Look on the bright side of ...

Look on the bright side, 94% of the traffic is *not* Google. And 60%-75% of the HTTP traffic *isn't* video. (OK, so it mostly happens to be ads and pr0n, but what the hey...)

Of course P2P has taken a hit, because most of it was illegal sharing. The big commercial names, like Napster, have been taken out. Pirate Bay is pretty much out of service. And with each successive player getting nuked and traffic throttled, the violate-copyright-oh-but-how-darling crowd is dwindling.

I wonder if Arbor Networks is going to release a study on the coalescing of operating systems...


@Brian Miller

"Pirate Bay is pretty much out of service"

You're pretty much out of touch, aren't you? Your knowledge of TPB demonstrates how little you really know, as (a) it's still currently up (b) there are numerous clones of its tracker. P2P may not be as recognisable in ISP traffic now, but that's because a lot of it is now being routed via file-hosting instead.

If you want to defeat unlawful copyright infringement, the way to do it is with honesty, instead of trying to peddle the garbage that you wish could be true. What the hell, why don't you shut down the internet? That'll stop it, because nobody ever copied music and films before the internet, did they? They'll just give up (rather than burn and swap discs like the old days of tape), won't they?

Fantasising that you can stop filesharing is just that, a fantasy.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle.

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P2P using encryption

As use of encryption for P2P (bittorrent) traffic increases, it makes sense that *detectable* P2P traffic would *appear* to decrease.

I suspect its not a case of P2P use/traffic decreasing, just the ability to detect it accurately is decreasing.

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@AC 23:59 re. @Brian Miller

That was nearly good enough for a FoTW but you need more capital letters. The way you ask irrelevant 'challenge' questions was fine though.

You do have a point about Pirate Bay itself not being the only source of P2P tracking capability and the change to file-hosting sites, so that took you out of the running. Try again later.


@ frank ly

I detect rhetorical questions in @AC 23:59 re. @Brian Miller's post, and I agree with the general sentiment, although it is a mildly aggressive post.

Quite how that qualifies for F(lame)oTW, when he is pointing out a real flaw in the first comment, I do not know. I guess your comment might qualify for Mild Rebuff of the Week, though.

"10,000 years in a bottle gives you such a crick in the neck" - Genie from Disney's Aladdin. Definitely not back in the bottle.

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