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Avian-themed navel-micro-gazing website Twitter is experimenting with a new feature designed to let users organize the accounts they follow into custom categories. "The idea is to allow people to curate lists of Twitter accounts," wrote project lead Nick Kallen in a blog post Wednesday evening. "For example, you could create a …


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Social map search + context lists

The first side effect of lists will be that people who follow a couple of hundred others can now follow many more - knowing that these 'check out their updates every once in a while' follows can be relegated to a list that doesn't clutter up the main feed. This will mean well-followed people/organisations will become even-more-followed people/organisations.

I'd also suggest that Twitter set up some default personal lists for each Twitter user that would define which sorts of updates they'd like to receive - what context they're in:

0. Family

1. Friends

2. Acquaintances/Facebook friends

3. Close colleagues

4. Co-workers/Superiors/Subordinates

5. Industry contacts

6. Work-related pundits

7. Entertainment/Pastime-based commenters and pundits

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Navel gazing?

Birds don't have navels.

Tweeting goes far beyond the level of introspection implied by navel gazing.

Given the narcissistic nature of twittering, perhaps mirror gazing would have been a better choice. One of those little budgie mirrors with the bell on it. You know the kind.


Two useful categories

1. Stuff worth reading

2. All the rest

Anyone think of any others?

Anonymous Coward

@Dr Patrick J R Harkin

I think you could probably lose one of those categories ... we are talking about twitter here after all

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